I just can’t control my feet

While there’s no stopping Isaac when it comes to singing, it has to be said his dancing leaves a lot to be desired. (Yes, he has the same two left feet as his father.)

However, it’s a real joy listening to him singing along to music on the stereo/radio/TV/iPod, even though I can see we’re heading for a spot of serious parental embarrassment in the very near future as he increasingly gets to grips with the lyrics of his all-time favourite, Lily Allen.

If anything, his confidence – and, with that, his enthusiasm – have cranked up a notch over the last week or so. Zac’s singing is louder and more frequent; he has rediscovered the microphone we bought him for his birthday and thoroughly embraced it. And he is clearly absorbing dance routines too, even if his attempts to recreate them while singing at the same time are very much of the two-left-feet variety, as this snippet of Alexandra Burke’s ‘Bad Boys’ all too evidently demonstrates. (Ah, the wonders of video cameras.)

I’ll never laugh at Girls Aloud again. Well, maybe every now and then. Oh, alright, I’m still laughing. But you know what I mean.