Diet, here we go (again)

At the beginning of December I weighed in at 17st 7lbs, with the ambition of emerging post-Christmas no heavier than that.


By New Year, I had gained about three pounds, to which I had added a further three by last weekend, tipping the scales at 17st 13lbs.

In my (admittedly feeble) defence, there were some mitigating factors. The three major snowfalls we had – one the week before Christmas, two in the first half of January – left me housebound and suffering from cabin fever, and with that a concomitant need to comfort eat for long spells. And then there was my two weeks of paternity leave after Toby’s birth, which afforded a welcome opportunity to spend some quality time in the kitchen and cook proper meals- tasty, but not exactly conducive to weight loss.

With hindsight, it was no surprise I gained a significant chunk of weight. (Still, it could have been worse: one more pound and I would be starting from 18-something, not 17.)

Anyhow, I’m now back at work and back on the wagon, with my dieting mojo fully restored. Sensible eating and a gentle (to begin with) programme of exercise are the orders of the day. 17 st 5 lbs was my pre-Christmas target, so by my reckoning a pound a week will get me to my target by Easter.

Willpower on. Let’s go.