It’s Groundhog Day

When I looked out of our bedroom window this morning, it was almost as if I was experiencing my own version of Groundhog Day, because it looked very much like the view I had exactly one week ago.

View from our bedroom window – 8am today

Fortunately, whereas last week we had upwards of 20cm of snow, today it was more like 5-10, which made clearing the driveway and road much easier. According to the forecast, we will get some respite over the next few days as it should warm up a bit and we will hopefully get a proper thaw. Which will be good, as no one has ever bothered clearing the main road through our estate, meaning it has been more ice rink than road for the past week. It will also be nice to be able to buy salt again!

On the birth front, we are at T minus four days with no dramatic happenings to report. Heather had a pre-natal check-up yesterday which was uneventful. We emptied, cleaned and refilled the birthing pool last night. (We’ve been using it most evenings for a leisurely soak, which has been most relaxing.) And things are generally as chilled (ho ho) as they can be given the erratic and extreme weather. Contrary to my initial assumptions, it doesn’t look like the baby is going to be early; or, at least, not overly so. It’s really just a case of not getting overly stressed. Or overly bored. Or just overweight (okay, make that even more overweight).

Zac’s still being extremely clingy with Heather. He understands there is a baby on the way, and on some level he senses that this will have a big impact on his life. It’s a real shame the weather has stopped us doing more stuff together – just the three of us – over the past month, as he will never have our permanent, undivided attention again. Mind you, the new baby will never know what that’s like anyway, and hopefully Zac will get something out of being involved with him/her anyway.

Life will never be the same again. More rewarding, I’m sure. More hectic, certainly. I’m still looking forward to it immensely, though – just as much as I did the first time around. Unlike shovelling snow, this is one thing I’m happy to be experiencing all over again.