Green light

Three key milestones passed yesterday.

Firstly, Arsenal beat Aston Villa 3-0 to pull clear of the Midlands club in the Premier League title race. That’s not directly relevant to the matter at hand, but it’s still a notable event in my world.

Secondly, Heather completed the 37th week of her pregnancy, which is important because it means a planned home birth is now viable, barring any unforeseen complications. (Cue lots of online research into birthing pools.)

And finally, we had a home appointment with our midwife, A (commonly referred to locally as the ‘mad-wife’), to check on the baby’s progress and go over our birth plan – which basically is the same as last time: entonox, tick; pethidine, tick; vitamin K, tick; proud father to cut the cord, tick.

If it all started to feel particularly real for us on Boxing Day, it’s doubly so now. All the detail and emotion of that evening when Zac was born are coming back to me now, from the mad rush to fill the pool to the exhiliration of feeling his head for the first time as he started to ‘crown’.

Zac also got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, so he’s very much part of the experience now too. If he doesn’t yet understand quite enough to be excited, he is certainly curious and very much aware of the presence of ‘baby’ in mummy’s tummy. The poor thing won’t know what’s hit him; as a proper mummy’s boy it’s going to be a bit of a shock to him when he isn’t automatically the primary focus for Heather any more.

So, 21 – now 20 – days to the due date, and we have a green light. Time to get our skates on …