The weigh-in

A month ago, I said I was going back on a diet with the aim of losing at least five pounds (from 17st 10lbs to 17st 5lbs) during the month of November.

Well, I weighed myself this morning, and the scales said 17st 7lbs, so while I have lost weight, I’m two pounds short of my target.

I’m disappointed with the result, but strangely not overly discouraged. I said I was going to eat less and stop snacking – which I have managed on the whole, although I’ve slipped a few times as the desire to comfort eat has overcome my dieting willpower. Seven out of ten on that front, I’d say.

What I have failed to do is exercise properly. The bike remains untouched, and while I have made an effort to do little things like use the stairs at work, I’ve been pretty poor on the whole. Awarding myself two out of ten is probably on the generous side.

On reflection, my five pound target was certainly achievable with some more consistent effort, particularly on the exercise front. (Certainly my fitness needs some attention, as I was huffing and puffing terribly this evening after climbing 125 steps at Edgware Road tube station.) But what’s done is done. If I can lose three pounds just by generally eating sensibly (albeit with the odd relapse), then there’s no reason why I can’t keep it going and lose a bit more before the festive season kicks in with a vengeance.

So, anyway, 17st 7lbs is where I currently stand. I think I’ll aim to at least get down to the original target of 17st 5lbs before Christmas, and then limit the damage over the holidays. I figure that if I can start 2010 no heavier than I am today, then that’s at least a reasonable starting point.

Here goes.