Rite of passage: update

Isaac was discharged yesterday afternoon, much to the relief of both his parents.

By the time I got home, having collected his antibiotics – no champagne for him at his birthday party, then! – he was all smiles, haring around the house and rediscovering favourite toys with an enthusiasm utterly out of proportion to the two days he had been away from them.

I guess that means he was glad to be home, too.

Better still, Heather and I have just both had an uninterrupted night’s sleep – nine whole hours! – for the first time since Zac was born. No doubt it was just a one-off and tonight we’ll be back to the usual middle-of-the-night routine, but you’ve got to appreciate these small mercies when you can. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

P.S. Oh my God, he’s one tomorrow! Time flies, eh?