Silent Sunday 17/8/14

Daddy and Isaac B&W

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15 thoughts on “Silent Sunday 17/8/14

    • Thanks Patti. Isaac is a lot like me in many ways. I like to think he’s managed to inherit the best qualities of both his dad and his mum.

  1. Grr, sorry – damn computer mixing things up! Mean to put:
    he looks very pensive. It’s always nice to get a shot of you and children together, when so often you might be the one behind the camera

    • Yeah, it’s rare for me to appear in any photos as I’m almost always the one behind the camera. On this occasion we were just cuddled up on the sofa so I snapped a couple of selfies and was really pleased with this end result.

    • He does! All three kids share some fairly distinctive facial traits, although in terms of overall body shape and personality they’re all very different.

    • Thanks Sian. Everyone says how much Isaac looks like me. His younger brother Toby does too, although they’re actually quite different to one another when you look at them both together.

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