The night shift

Sleep training has been a fraught process with each of our three kids, both in terms of teaching them to get down to sleep at bedtime and then getting themselves back to sleep without bringing them into our bed when they wake up in the middle of the night. We’re just at the latter stage with Kara.

The end result of a torturous - and loud - journey

The end result of a torturous – and loud – journey

Having been away at a work do the previous night when Heather decided to bite the bullet and lay down the law, I was happy to do my turn and take over when Kara kicked off at 11:00 last night with a prolonged series of piercing screams which would have drowned out even a horde of banshees armed with a Spinal Tap-style turned-up-to-11 amp.

To be honest, I can deal with all the screaming. I can tune it all out and still fall asleep even when she’s going full tilt. (Hey, I once snored undisturbed through an earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale – I can sleep through anything.)

It’s not the volume that gets to me. It’s the accompanying combination of advanced emotional manipulation techniques that Kara employs that is heart-breaking. She’ll make a great interrogator one day – she could break even the most hardened of criminals.

The following series of tweets – typed over nearly an hour while sitting at the foot of her bed waiting for her to calm down and nod off again – pretty much sums up the experience.

Anyhow, the important thing is that it did eventually work and things are heading in the right direction, which is all you can ask for. Round three tonight.

One day we’re going to make it through an entire night without any of our trio of non-sleeping beauties demanding a place in our bed. One day …

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6 thoughts on “The night shift

  1. Hey there
    Our 4yo daughter suffers from sleep tremors where she screams out on the hour, every hour, when shes really tired. She’s also taken to going to the toilet 3 or 4 times a night and rather than going to the family bathroom down the hall she comes and stands at the foot of the bed and says wee wee and waits until one us says go ahead and use the loo. One thing that has worked for us has been getting one those Gro clocks so that she knows when its time to get up and that has been a game changer :-)
    Take care

    • We tried the Gro-clock with our oldest and had a degree of success with it – it didn’t solve all our issues, but it certainly helped with a lot of them. Sadly, though, he still wakes up by about 5:15 every morning – it just appears to be hard-wired into him, no matter how tired he is.

      Our 4-year-old is forever climbing into our bed for the last couple of hours of the night. But he does it so quietly and unobtrusively that it’s rarely a significant issue – just one of those things we make a pragmatic decision about allowing to slide.

      I do wish we’d bought a bigger bed, though …

  2. We were at a beautiful state of utopia but it was merely a false sense of security.
    We now seem to have gone back several steps and almost every night child number 1 will creep in about 2am and number two is in about 5am
    Think we need to get tough, even if it means a few sleepless night …… Arr

    • It’s disheartening when your child takes a step backwards on the sleeping front, but you’re not alone and, of course, things will get better. Stick with it!

    • Things are definitely improving, and I look forward to the day when she finally starts to make it through the night on a regular basis. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later …

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