Public Service Announcement: Slouching towards Thatcham gives birth

After a great deal of tinkering – and an even greater deal of procrastination – over the Christmas period, I’ve taken the decision to split Slouching towards Thatcham into two halves, to produce a pair of more focussed blogs which will hopefully make it easier for everyone to find relevant content.

Slouching towards TV

As of today, an expanded channel of TV-related content will transfer over to a new site, Slouching towards TV. This will continue to offer reviews of my favourite shows such as Doctor Who, The Apprentice and Sherlock, but it will also contain broader feature-based content analysing the world of TV in general, as well as new nostalgia-led content looking back fondly at popular (and not so popular) shows of the past.

Today’s opening post casts a look back at my favourite shows of 2012. Watch out for posts exploring the Christmas Day ratings battle and forgotten cop/detective shows of the 1980s over the next few days.

To find out more, you can jump over to the shiny new site here, where you can also subscribe to receive automatic email updates or follow via RSS.

Slouching towards TV also has its own Twitter feed and Facebook page – please do follow and ‘like’ for more information!

STV screen grab

Slouching towards Thatcham

This blog will continue without new TV content, but with a tighter focus on parenthood and family – “tales from the front-line of fatherhood” – which is in line with the direction it has been evolving in for the past few months anyway. Look out for a significant site redesign in the coming weeks to simplify the look and feel of the blog.

Hope that makes sense to everyone, and hopefully I will continue to see you all on one if not both sites!


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4 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement: Slouching towards Thatcham gives birth

  1. I’ve just started up another blog too. It’s extra work of course running more than one blog, but it makes sense if you want to start talking more about separate things.

    Happy blogging to you in 2013!

    • And we’ve independently selected the same layout theme too. Yours looks really smart – and I *love* the title, very clever! Hope it gets the attention it deserves.

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