Posted in September 2011

Analogue audio memories (part 1): Vinyl records

Analogue audio memories (part 1): Vinyl records

I stumbled across this poster recently and – aside from the fact that you probably have to be of a certain age to understand why cassette tapes and pencils went together – it got me thinking about the various audio storage and playback formats which I have come across in my lifetime.

A week in the dark ages

I have just spent an entire week on holiday without access to the internet, TV or even newspapers. No Facebook, Twitter or email. No RSS news feeds direct to my iPhone (which was drowned, presumed dead in an incident involving a flooded ditch nearly three weeks ago). No means of navigating around Tuscany other than … Continue reading

Travel memories #5: Sydney Harbour, Australia

Where? Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, photographed from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. When? August 1997. What? Two of the most distinctive and iconic structures anywhere in the world sit just a couple of hundred metres apart in the centre of Sydney. The Sydney Harbour Bridge was completed in 1932, with a 503-metre long arch which remains the fifth longest spanning-arch … Continue reading