Whatever happened to The Apprentice winners?: Tim Campbell

A short series revisiting the previous Apprentice winners.

Won: Season one (2005), beating Saira Khan after a final task in which they each had to put on an event on a Thames river-boat. He also holds the distinction of being the UK series’ first winning project manager after leading the men’s team to victory in a flower buying and selling task in the show’s opening episode.

Pre-Apprentice: Senior Planner within the Strategy and Service Development directorate of London Underground.

Post-Apprentice: Joined Amstrad, launching the Integra anti-wrinkle device in Argos and Harrods, and becoming Project Director of Amstrad’s new Health & Beauty division. He stayed on after his original 12-month contract ended, but left Amstrad in March 2007.

Post-Sugar: Campbell founded the Bright Ideas Trust, a charity which aims to provide financial backing to help young entrepreneurs aged 16-30 turn ideas into businesses. He remains the organisation’s CEO. Earlier this year, Mayor of London Boris Johnson appointed him as his Ambassador for Training and Enterprise, a voluntary role which will focus on increasing the number of apprentices across London, and developing and becoming involved in new training opportunities and setting up new businesses.


Tim Campbell’s website

Bright Ideas Trust

LinkedIn profile


Tomorrow, find out what happened to season two winner Michelle Dewberry.

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22 thoughts on “Whatever happened to The Apprentice winners?: Tim Campbell

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  2. I got the impression that he was a really nice guy with a natural flair for business. Got on with everyone and ruffled no feathers.

    I remember the thing that swung was in the board room, even though the task failed because one of his team was essentially a muppet, he took the whole thing on him and stayed because he showed integrity.

    • Maybe it’s a case of rose-tinted glasses, but my recollection of the first season was that it was much more ‘real’ than subsequent runs. The candidates were on the whole stronger – for varying reasons, I’d have taken Tim, Saira Khan or James Max over pretty much anyone we have subsequently seen – and the focus was more on business than it was on ‘characters’. And the individuals involved seemed to be more focussed on winning than on developing their personal ‘brand’.

      Tim did seem to be a genuinely nice chap, who had a decent business head on him but also had something to learn from Sugar. Sadly, it would also appear he has enjoyed considerably less success than many of those who followed him.

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